Things progressively getting worse

If you are following along with the first readings from the Book of Genesis, you may notice that things progressively move from bad to worse.

In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve eat forbidden fruit

In Genesis 4, Cain murders his brother

Later in Genesis 4, Lamech murders someone and basically gloats about it

By Genesis 6, the whole earth is filled with violence

In Genesis 9, Noah squanders his fresh start by getting drunk and cursing one of his sons

In Genesis 11, the people get scattered because they try to build a tower to reach God

We can see in the overarching story the destructive effects of sin.  Sin enters the world and things get progressively get worse.  Sin is still this destructive force in our lives and in the church today.  Of what do we need to repent?


About Jeremy

I work at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Hammond, LA. I teach part-time classes from time to time, through Loyola University in New Orleans, Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans and St. Joseph's Abbey and Seminary College. I also just finished a doctoral degree in Biblical languages through the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.
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