A little review on faith – from the Pope

I’m not sure why there was repeat this recently in the lectionary, but the first part of today’s first reading is the same as that from January 29th.

But, you know, I’ve done about five years of research on learning and the only way to ensure long-term memory is repetition.  So, here goes … This is the definition of faith that I gave the first time we had Hebrews 11:1-2 as a part of a reading less than a month ago.  It is from Pope Benedict XVI, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger.  It comes from his  Introduction to Christianity:

… faith is located in the act of conversion, in the turn of one’s being from worship of the visible and practicable to trust in the invisible.  The phrase “I believe” could here be literally translated by “I hand myself over to,” “I assent to.”  In the sense of the Creed, and by origin, faith is not a recitation of doctrines, an acceptance of theories about things of which in themselves one knows nothing and therefore asserts something all the louder; it signifies an all-encompassing movement of human existence; to use Heidegger’s language, one can say that it signifies an “about-turn” by the whole person that from then on constantly structures one’s existence…


About Jeremy

I work at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Hammond, LA. I teach part-time classes from time to time, through Loyola University in New Orleans, Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans and St. Joseph's Abbey and Seminary College. I also just finished a doctoral degree in Biblical languages through the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.
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