In the breaking of the bread – “The faithful know what I’m talking about”

Well, I had a brief hiatus from posting over Easter.  I hope you had a blessed Holy Week.  In today’s gospel reading, we find a familiar passage.  Two disciples are walking with Jesus after his ressurection and recognize him only in the breaking of the bread.  The Church Fathers were unified in seeing this passage as referring to the Eucharist.

Here is a quote from St. Augustine:

Remember, though, dearly beloved, how the Lord Jesus desired to be recognized in the breaking of the bread, by those whose eyes had been kept till then from recognizing him.  The faithful know what I’m talking about.  They know Christ in the breaking of bread.  It isn’t every loaf of bread, you see, but the one that receives Christ’s blessing and becomes the body of Christ.  That’s where they recognized him.  They were overjoyed and went straight to the others.  They found whom they already knew.  By telling what they had seen, they added to the gospel.  It was all said, all done, all written down.  And it has reached us.

Via (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: Luke)


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