Roman Missal Class 1

Here is the audio from the first week of our Roman Missal class. We started going over the order of the mass.  We made it through the liturgy of the word.  Much of the information from the first two classes was drawn from Scott Hahn’s The Lamb’s Supper along with the Catholic Update that we used to prepare.


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Fall Scripture Studies 3 and 4

Here is the audio from weeks three and four of our scripture studies on the prophets:



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Mike Patin – Parent Night at Holy Ghost 09/11/2011

Here’s the audio from our recent youth event with speaker Mike Patin. Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might find it uplifting or useful.

Mike Patin 09/11/2011

*The speaker does talk candidly about some topics related to sexuality; thus, this audio is intended for parents and not youth within the parish.

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Prophets Bible Study – Parts 1 and 2

Took a while to post this, but for some reason things haven’t been quite right since I updated my operating system on my laptop.  At any rate, here’s about two hours worth of Bible study on the prophets.  If you catch up and want to join us, you can meet with us on Monday night starting at 6pm or Tuesday morning starting at 9am.

Prophets 1

Prophets 2

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Examining Our Produce

Today’s gospel reading is Matthew’s version of the parable of the sower.  I wrote about Mark’s version a while back.  The passages are obviously not identical, but the visual lesson I talked about last time works in either case, I think.  You may want to check out that previous post.

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Augustine on “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?”

Concerning today’s gospel reading Augustine writes the following:

3. It is written in the Gospel, of the mother and brethren of Christ, that is, His kindred after the flesh, that, when word had been brought to Him, and they were standing without, because they could not come to Him by reason of the crowd, He made answer, “Who is My mother? or who are My brethren? and stretching forth His Hand over His disciples, He saith, These are My brethren: and whosoever shall have done the will of My Father, that man is to Me brother, and mother, and sister.” What else teaching us, than to prefer to kindred after the flesh, our descent after the Spirit: and that men are not blessed for this reason, that they are united by nearness of flesh unto just and holy men, but that, by obeying and following, they cleave unto their doctrine and conduct. Therefore Mary is more blessed in receiving the faith of Christ, than in conceiving the flesh of Christ. For to a certain one who said, “Blessed is the womb, which bare Thee,” He Himself made answer, “Yea, rather, blessed are they who hear the Word of God, and keep it.” Lastly, to His brethren, that is, His kindred after the flesh, who believed not in Him, what profit was there in that being of kin? Thus also her nearness as a Mother would have been of no profit to Mary, had she not borne Christ in her heart after a more blessed manner than in her flesh.

Let us imitate the obedience and following of Mary, not on our connections, familial or otherwise.

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Memorial Mass for Fr. Ed Tonight at 7pm

The staff at Holy Ghost has been overwhelmed by the number of people calling or sending us messages with their condolences. We hope that many of you will join us tonight at 7pm for the memorial mass at Holy Ghost.

In addition, both our Bishop and the Dominicans have posted statements today concerning Fr. Ed. He will certainly be sorely missed.

Requiescat In Pace

The Marian Servants will be doing the Divine Mercy at 6:30pm

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